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wedding vr. [Japan]
Thursday, May 17, 2007

this wedding version of Japan design by. Blue Moon collection. They printed out for eight version as far I know, and I try to made all of them and post here of course :)

lets type the details :
used Aida DMC fabric - White 14 ct. Cross Stitch 2 strands with Design size : 13 cm x 15 cm (no frame). for 19 colors, Symbol of DMC threads : 307, 310, 321, 415, 420, 604, 6025, 725, 793, 794, 938, 948, 950, 954, 958, 968, 3799, 3801 and Blanc or White. Decided to selling it, but unfortunately this one I gave to my best friend as her wedding gift XD
if you interest message me at my Yahoo Messenger or post your comment on this subject below. I'll make another as soon possible. see more other version I made ; Melayu, Bali, Java, Sunda, Korean and India later I'll post at my blog ^^

price no bargain at : 250.000 IDR


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