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wedding vr. [Melayu]
Friday, July 20, 2007

is it really Melayu?! @_@
well~ from Blue Moon design too. every cross stitch for wedding version needed more or less two weeks, I know it's kinda lame, but hey this is only hobby and I'm not take it seriously :D

used Aida DMC fabric - white 14 ct. Cross stitch 2 strands & Back stitch 1 strands, with Design size : 14 cm x 16 cm (no frame). Needed 17 DMC threads : 307, 310, 420, 552, 553, 604, 605, 725, 792, 793, 911, 913, 948, 950, 972, 5284 and Blanc.

I forgot to say, if you want to see the image in large size, click the image itself, or go to galleries sidebar to see the link connected to photo album for all these cross stitch. I just put them on my Multiply and Facebook. best suggest at multiply, you didn't need the account to view them but for facebook you should login first too see that album -__-

price for this item same as before : 250.000 IDR


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