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WINTER no*19
Monday, December 15, 2008

here my very 1st cross stitch, already posted before but I reposted as my blog starting from zero again :p

actually I got the pattern from CROSS STITCH EMBROIDERY book, contents Spring. Summer. Autumn and Winter.
The Artists are : Kazue Sakurai, Maiko Nakata, Emi Nimura, Misako Murayama, Takiko Moriyama and Mari Yoneyama.

simple easy to make this work 'cause used three colors only for the threads. based on ANCHOR. I forget the code for DMC, going to Hobby Craft shop and ask the shop girl if you get confused :)

this WINTER no*19 design by. Mari Yoneyama
size without frame : 12.2 cm x 18.5 cm

used ANCHOR threads :
prize : 1
30.000 IDR

no free pattern asked please (#^.^#)


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Welcome to my another page. I just posted something ordinary and simple here, no lovelorn, just only lovecrafts.

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