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Saturday, January 24, 2009

with :

29 different colors DMC codes :

B5200. 156. 645. 647. 819. 828. 869. 926. 927. 930. 931. 932. 938. 945. 948. 3022. 3072. 3354. 3371. 3747. 3752. 3753. 3756. 3768. 3773. 3799. 3807. 3828. 3865.

6 different Beads by Mill Hill :
00143. 03016. 03037. 10030. 16010. 42027

I made ...

The Stargazer

by Nora Corbett

White Glowing stars reflect over a gown of satin ribbons and brocade.
The dress stitched in soft greys and dusty blues and covered in swirling starry beads. As the lady watches the sky filled with luminous diamonds she wishes upon them all.
Dreams placed on a star really can come true.

lame explanation I think, just copy paste from the pattern x_x
not yet I put the frame, but I finished this work a few weeks ago after 6 months *maybe* working on XD
MIRABILIA DESIGNS can found at www.mirabilia.com

Stitched area is 13 3/4" x 19 3/4"
with a stitch count of 190 x 275, stitched (2 over 2)

Stitching Instructions
Shaded rows are repeated on each side.

Backstitch with one strand:
Face, eyelid, eyebrow, and hands with 938

Backstitch with two strands:
Eyelashes with 3371

Additional Instructions:

Model stitched using "Thread Heaven" Thread conditioner

all beads attached with Wonder Invisible Thread. You may also attach beads with a one strand half-stitch using a floss color simiiar to the bead.

do ya think I obey those instructions?! of course NO..
the reason is so simple, hard to find some of materials here and then again the price, can be thrice expensive from the local brands x_x
but, please use your imagination and creativity when you worked *fight* (^3^)v

I'll offer to you later if you interest with this item, just PM or YM me ^^

mail to : mademoizell3@hotmail.com



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