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touch of mauve
Friday, December 18, 2009

how do you think?! I'm newbie in this section, yes for nail arts.
I painted it yesterday repeatedly because I feel always doesn't well enough
the white dotted, used titanium white acrylic paint rather than nail polish one, it more stronger when you apply top coat after.
I used REVLON touch of mauve, even before I always avoid pink color, but since the color not very pinkish and glowing like neon, yes it's soft pink almost nude, so I said this is a lovely color one I like

well, after hiatus a few months (almost one year I think) my very new posted doesn't worth at all right *sigh* sometimes I wonder I should move to ameblo and so on, but people hard to giving comment if they didn't understand japanese kanji, to be honest I even can not read kanji except hiragana and katakana
my ameblo: http://ameblo.jp/mademoizell3

check it out:
Indica- Straight and Arrow (english version of Pahinta tänään) @youtube:
I'd rather listening and watch their music than following a mainstream nowdays, I mean a few of my dearest friends... they're idolized those bunch of KPOP girlband such SNSD and Wonder Girls, okay a fanboy; a male who is highly devoted their idol zzzz
actually I don't like korean female idols, they're same in face, not special and most of them has plastic surgery aren't they?! but wow they've those pairs of beautiful long leg

Indica is a finnish pop rock group with members: Jonsu (vocals, violin, guitars, keyboards), Heini (bass guitars, backing vocals), Sirkku (clarinette, keyboards, backing vocals), Jenny (guitars, backing vocals), and Laura (drums).
Indica official site: http://www.indica.fi/


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