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I feel a Heartcake
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

yo.. cuma sekedar info kalau blog gw yang judulnya alover4aletter.blogspot.com dah resmi di delet, karena ga guna juga punya blog banyak2 tapi ga pernah update *face-palm* walopun aga' sayang juga sih lumayan banyak curhatan disana yang galau super ajaib :D

blog yang ini pun tampak jarang gaul, see.. postingan taun kapan yah dibawah hehe :p
well.. well.. I still use this blog as my interest to hand-craft & love-craft, to my very very very personal random thoughts and quotes you can visit here :)

I feel a Heartcake...
curious? well another project for baking, what the difference between cup-cat?
the answer is Cup-Cat is my personal project and theHeartcake is our mind to spread love by Cakes and Cookies, nuff said (^3^)

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playing Moonlight Densetsu
ムーンライト伝説 [paris vr.]

Welcome to my another page. I just posted something ordinary and simple here, no lovelorn, just only lovecrafts.

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