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reddish not a diva
Monday, May 24, 2010

well I made it finally
this bracelet I made for someone which she helped me for some mission :p
and... she said: 'very India' LOL

but she already asked me to producing more for this bracelet and re-selling on her town. problem on me when making a mass production is I'm just getting bored easily :3

well to tell you the truth I'm verry addict with some hindi movie, not all I grabbed just a few, from some actor and actress especially Karan Johar's movie :)

anyone here has same interest too?! or maybe later we can practice for Bhangra dance, since one of my friend last nite posted at his wall some practical bhangra dance video XD~

more info: I decided change my (our) page from mademoizell3 to mydemoiselle, since facebook doesn't have tolerant put any numbers or capslock and any other letter signs into your facebook's name *sigh* then Mydemoiselle Closet is our officially page now, please free to add us and looking inside and oh yeah we added some cute, lovely stuffs in our Closet recently ;)

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