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a bunch of black stones
Thursday, June 10, 2010

I never update my blog recently.
today post is...

~ahh this is what I've made a few weeks ago, the result someone said like one of Pupe's item lol

actually this is not my original design, I just find the picture from web and okay since the price so high and using credit cards is crap now for me :p
so I made it..

but the material not 100% exactly same right?!
I just used china crystal and can not find for those black dove jump rings, eyepins and headpins.
the bad one is when someone request for more, the sad part is those black china crystal was sold out and now not available (T^T)

should I wear this necklace with black corset with this blazer and a worn-out mini skirt with jeans?! after watch Kahbi Alvida Na Kehna how I really adore Rani Mukerji's fashion on Mitwa' song (^.^)


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